Welcome to The Fish Hatchery at Falconwood Farms!

Falconwood Farms are partly located on 112 acres in Wingdale, NY and Sherman, CT. We supply restaurants, markets and pond owners with fresh, live, local farm-raised fish. If you are tired of not using your swimming pool, stock it with fish and never go hungry!

Trout is the main fish that we raise. We start with fertilized eggs and hatch them in large numbers. We only raise fish that are produced in the US and Canada, where they are tested to be free of disease.

Our main farm straddles New York and Connecticut in the scenic Hudson Valley and we serve both states. The National Parks Service purchased 87 acres of the original farm when the Appalachian Trail was moved from  New York to Connecticut. This assures pristine ground water that feeds the wells and ponds of our farm.

We are now in the process of converting old farm buildings to expand our indoor fish hatchery to augment our outdoor ponds.

Find out if your pond needs to be licensed before stocking by contacting your state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). 

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Please Note That 
Falconwood Farm in Wingdale, NY and Sherman, CT
is currently for sale.

Please contact:
Marilee Talman 
at Sotheby's
 Heather Croner Real Estate in Millbrook, NY
for more information.

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Revised 5/2014